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Germany law resource page with links to the Germany constitution, Germany government, Germany law firms, Germany law, Germany law schools, Germany banking law, Germany women's legal group, Germany president, Germany prime minister, Germany court, Germany legislature, and Germany law guide.

German Law

  • Cgerli
    This website offers you a comprehensive and freely accessible database of electronic materials on German law. It brings together English translations of court decisions, legislation, articles and other law-related documents scattered over the internet and adds them to our own collection of German legal information.
  • Die Bundesregierung
    In English, German, and French. German Government official website. Chancellor, Cabinet, Ministers, and Federal Press Office.
  • Federal Republic of Germany
    From the Law Library of Congress. "The Guide to Law Online is an annotated compendium of sources accessible through the Internet. Links provide access to primary documents, legal commentary," and more.
  • German Government and Politics
    In English. From German
  • Germany
    From WorldLII. Includes courts and case law, government, legislation, and more.
  • Government & Politics
    In English, German. From the German Embassy, Washington, D.C.
  • Governments on the WWW: Germany
    Links to many departments, councils, federal institutions, ministries, offices, directorates, courts, and much more.
  • Links to Sites on German Law on the WWW
    From Cardiff University. In English. Includes public law, civil law, law in general, labour law, and more.
  • LG2G
  • Legal Guide to Germany
  • Selection of German Laws
    In German, English, French, Spanish, Chinese, Japanese, Korean, Russian, and many more. From Law Web Saarbrucken. "[U]sers are able to navigate around the project and take advantage of this comprehensive portal into contemporary legal affairs from Germany and around the world. The focus of the project is the application of computer technology in law, as well as the legal implications of information technology in society. The site also offers a broad overview of interesting articles or websites, making it an essential starting point for anyone with an interest in the law."
  • Forum Deutsches Recht
    In German.
  • Rechtsinfo Schicker
    In German.
  • The Legal Guide to Germany
  • Virtuelles Datenschutzbüro
    About German privacy problems, including the privacy acts and information by the privacy commissioners. In German, some English.
  • Treaties Concerning the German Unification
    by Marco Budde. In German.

Antitrust Law

  • German Antitrust Law
    From Joachim Rudo Attorney at law. Includes Business law, trademark law, energy law, copyright law, and telecommunications law.



Commercial Law

Competition Law



Law Firms

  • Law Firms
    From HierosGamos. Select by City or Practice Area. In English.

Law Schools

Law Reviews

Legal Research

Ministry of Justice

Patent Law


Tax Law- Glossary

U.S. Law School Study Abroad Programs to Germany

War Crime Trials--Germany

  • Nazi Crimes on Trial
    "[P]resents a systematic survey (in German) of ... the more than 900 Nazi trial cases conducted in West Germany since 1945 ... as well as of ... the 97 Nazi trial cases conducted in East Germany during the years 1956 - 1990."
  • Nazi War Crimes
    "Extensive site featuring a chronology, accounts of the trials, transcripts, images, and links." From
  • Nuremberg War Crime Trials - The Avalon Project
    In English. Documents from the trial: Motions, Orders of the Tribunal, Presentation of Cases, Testimony of Witnesses, Nazi Conspiracy and Aggression, Key Documents Related to the Proceedings, Documents of the Post War Military Government, Rules of Procedure, Subsequent Cases Tried Under Control Council Law No. 10, Documents Cited in the Official Records of the Tribunal, Supporting Documents, and Other Web Resources on the Holocaust and the Nuremberg Trials