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Washburn Law School discussion groups are intended to provide a scholarly forum for the exchange of ideas, opinions, and information relevant to law professionals. When you join a discussion group, you will receive e-mail from others who have also joined the group. Some groups are very active while others are inactive. Generally speaking, it is not appropriate to send "spam" or marketing material to a discussion group. Often a group is focused on a specific topic or serves specific types of users.

When you post a message, even though the membership is intended to be limited, it MAY be read by many people on INTERNET (NOT JUST THOSE ON THE LIST). In some cases the message archive is public.

Post only if you intend your views to be widely read. Some discussion groups are completely unmoderated. Washburn University does not endorse ANY message posted by ANY subscriber and does not control what is posted. Join and participate at your own risk.

Some lists are fully moderated and post additional instructions about the list, as well as the specific groups they seek to serve. You may see these additional joining instructions when you subscribe. If you are not a member of the intended group and cannot join, please do not be offended. We are merely trying to focus the discussions toward our educational mission.

Other groups are partially moderated and work more on an "honor" system. If you are not a member of the intended group, you may be removed from the discussion group.

For e-mail listserv "unsubscribe emergencies" contact the law school computer help desk at: (785) 670-1088.

Please read the following document for additional terms and conditions to participate: WashLaw Terms & Conditions

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